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Lori Bennett

Hello, Im Lori Bennett, and Im glad youve found my virtual office!  Im a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Colorado , and have been providing therapy primarily to individuals for over 20 years.  I welcome the opportunity to offer my expertise to you now, via the internet.

My special interests include womens issues and grief counseling.  I have found that many of us choose to start therapy to challenge lifes obstacles when the coping techniques we have used in the past are no longer working for us.  I treat many people who have been victims of sexual abuse, incest, trauma, loss, physical abuse or neglect in their families of origin.

When they begin therapy, there are sometimes difficult mountains to climb.  There may be problems trusting other people.  There may be frequent feelings of abandonment or betrayal, or experiences with revictimization or violation.  People may feel that they lack control over their lives, or have trouble with boundaries, intimacy or sexuality issues.  If you are frustrated with repeating a particular relationship pattern, I can help.  I can be directive and give as much feedback as you desire, or I can guide you to find answers within yourself.  

Losses come in many forms.  There are losses associated with adoption, divorce, miscarriage, abortion, rape, infertility, relocation, and chronic illness, as well as with the death of a loved one. The beliefs we attach to these losses, and the way we cope with them, influence much of our outlook on life.  Every loss yields an opportunity for growth.  

My clients tell me that Im an astute listener.  Im insightful and forthcoming, offering new perspectives and ideas to help overcome the aftereffects of loss or abuse.  I value helping people to live to their full potential.  I am committed to helping you to do the same.  

Take good care,

Lori Bennett, LCSW  

CO LCSW License #992969  

Lori Bennett, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker with 23 years experience in private practice with individuals, couples and groups.  She has conducted trainings in her areas of expertise at non-profit agencies, and has supervised clinicians for the past ten years.  Lori has many years of program management experience at agencies serving children with histories of abuse and trauma.  She is the author of a fictional account of incest and adoption, titled Reciprocity.  

Lori has developed expertise in treating depression, anxiety and panic disorders, post-traumatic stress and addictive behaviors.  She has a strong knowledge base and background in womens issues and in grief/bereavement counseling.  

Lori received her BA in Psychology and Womens Studies from Boston University in 1978, and her Masters in Social Work from the Boston University School of Social Work