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Online Counseling with H. Edie Park, MD

Dr. Park is not accepting new clients at this time.

Welcome to our convenient, confidential, caring and cost
  effective method for obtaining information and feedback
  from a supportive but straightforward psychiatrist. 

Nobody wants to be overwhelmed with mounds of detailed
  medical jargon; therefore, I will try to provide a brief and
  easy to understand answers to your questions. 

I offer a broad range of services from medication   information, finding possible medical causes for symptoms, guided self-improvement, weight reduction, eating disorders, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, addiction   education and other mental health questions. 

However, if you are having serious suicidal or homicidal thoughts, you need help immediately so get off the computer and call 911 now.

H. Edie Park, MD

Credentials: ECU School of Medicine School - Doctor of Medicine;  ECU Psychiatry Residency School - Psychiatric Medicine 

License: 200200581

Certification: Advance Cardiac Life Support 

Languages: Korean, French, German